Upbeat/Downbeat, Happy/Sad electro sonic sounds for Simple/Complex minds.


RAZORRHEAD is a one man electronic project where each album is different but remains in the electronic genre. Starting in 2018, RAZORRHEAD began from the realms of dark ambient music with the debut album ‘Distorted Ambience’. Straight after on that same year, the project took a sharp turn and headed straight into the EDM/Techno arena with the releases of ‘- —o_X — – -‘ and ‘Her Deviant Smile’.

No rest for the wicked though……….2020 has been a very busy year. In early January RAZORRHEAD teamed up with Kent rapper ‘Killer-XL’ to create a industrial rap album entitled ‘A Tale Of Two’. Heavy, noisy beats followed by dark and twisted lyrics about a deranged teenager struggling with his abusive family and his own mental state.

Also due to popular demand, RAZORRHEAD returned to the dark spaces of dark ambient music with the latest release ‘The End Is Nigh’.

Now for 2022 there is a new album in the works…..the genre of this one is  yet to be  revealed……..;)


Who knows what will be released next? That is another story!


Enjoy what you do and receive what love you can get


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