Ahh where to begin………….

Orginally a musical project that started in 2018 under the name of ‘RAZORRHEAD’. My main project at the time was creating varied styles of music ranging from dark ambient to upbeat EDM. I was responsible for creating the music, promoting it, creating videos etc, you get the gist of what it is like to be a solo musician. I remember obtaining my 1st camera back in September 2020 to primarly use for making music videos. It got to the point where phone cameras whouldn’t cut it in terms of quality so thats where this camera comes into play.

The camera at the time was a ‘SONY RX100 VII’ and I thought it would be fun to start taking some pictures while out and about on holiday and with the family. The quality was amazing compared to anything I had used before and I started using ‘Lightroom’ to edit them. This is when the I discovered I had a new passion! I started this new project under the name of ‘Erasure Photography’.

I decided to start taking photography serously and the 1st thing to learn was getting rid of the auto funtion on the camera and start learning how to use the manual settings while taking photos.

Since then, everyday has been a new day for learning different styles and techniques in photography. I wanted to give it a year before I made the descision to carry on this way to see if I could cut it as a photographer. Once the 1st year had lapsed and after appearing in a few exhibitions, my confidence grew and felt comfortable to begin a new full adventure in the world of photography.

During this period, it became difficult to manage a music site and a photography site as two different companies given the time constraints I had. It then became clear that it would be best to merge the two together into more of a production artist. This way it became a lot easier to manage anything music, video, and photography related under one belt. Therefore I changed the name to ‘RAZORRHEAD Productions.’

In terms of a theme for this grand project, well there are no main themes. I love taking on new challenges in terms of photography and music. I do specalise in electronic music and monochrome photography but I’m more than happy to move out of my comfort zone and try other things.

I do also still create new music under this name and anything music related that I have been involved in can be found in the music section on this site. Any updates regarding new musical releases and anything photography can be found on this website.

Recently I have been promoted by ‘METALKTALK’ to take photos and write reviews for live events. I have covered major artists such as ‘Tenacious D’, ‘Possessed’, ‘Vader’, ‘Sisters of Mercy’, and ‘Cats In Space’ to name a few. Check out my full portfolio page to see all the artists I have covered so far.

There are plenty of adventures to be had out there so lets see what the next year brings……….